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WG SE in its 58th meeting (24-28 January 2011) adopted the following ECC deliverables for official publication by ECO:

  • ECC Report 159 on technical and operational requirements for the possible operation of cognitive radio systems in the “white spaces” of the frequency band 470-790 MHz. (developed by SE43);

  • ECC Report 156 on conditions for possible co-existence between HAPS gateway links and other services/systems in the 5850-7075 MHz band. (developed by SE19);

  • ECC REC (11)01 on guidelines for assignment of frequency blocks for fixed wireless systems in the bands 24.5 - 26.5 GHz, 27.5-29.5 GHz and 31.8-33.4 GHz (developed by SE19);

  • ECC Report 158 on the impact of 26 GHz SRR applications using ultra-wideband (UWB) technology on radio services. (developed by SE24);

  • revision of ERC Recommendation 74-01 on unwanted emissions in the spurious domain. (developed by SE21);

  • ECC Report 157 on the impact of spurious emissions of radars at 2.8, 5.6 and 9.0 GHz on other radiocommunication services/systems. (developed by SE21);

And provisionally approved for public consultation the following draft ECC Reports:

  • Draft ECC Report 162 on practical mechanism to improve the compatibility between GSM-R and public mobile networks and guidance on practical coordination. (developed by SE7 );

  • Draft ECC Report 163 on the usage of the 7125-8500 MHz band by the Fixed Service within the CEPT for the elaboration of the revision of the ECC REC (02)06. (developed by SE19);

  • Draft revision ECC REC(02)06 on preferred channel arrangements for digital fixed service systems operating in the frequency range 7125-8500 MHz. (developed by SE19 );

  • Draft ECC Report 164 on compatibility between Wide band Low Activity Mode (WLAM) automotive radars in the frequency range 24.25 GHz to 24.5 GHz, and other radiocommunication systems/services. (developed by SE24);

  • Draft ECC Report 165 on compatibility study between MSS complementary ground component operating in the bands 1610.0-1626.5 MHz and 2 483.5-2 500.0 MHz and other systems in the same bands or in adjacent bands. (developed by SE40 );

  • Draft ECC Report 166 on coexistence between zenith pointing meteorological radars at 24 GHz and 35 GHz and systems in other radio services. (developed by SE40 );

Minutes of the meeting are available here.










webinar picture jan 2011

WGSE and WGRA in Cardiff (UK) during the Cognitive Radio Webminar


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Ongoing work

The ECC Working Group Spectrum Engineering (WGSE) develops technical guidelines, compatibility and sharing criteria for the efficient use of radio spectrum by various radiocommunications systems and services.


Compatibility and sharing issues of MS (except IMT2000) operating below 3 GHz


Broadband apllications in Fixed Service


Unwanted Emissions


Short Range Devices

SE40 Space services compatibility issues
SE43 White spaces – cognitive radio systems


SEAMCAT Technical Group


Current version of WG SE work programme



Mr. Bruno Espinosa


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BP 30129

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Tel: +33 2 98 34 12 33

Fax: +33 2 98 34 12 30

E-mail:  espinosa @ anfr.fr

ECO contact for WG SE related enquiries: Jean-Philippe Kermoal (ECO)  e-mail [email protected] or phone +45 33 89 63 07

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