SE43 – Cognitive radio systems - White spaces (470 - 790 MHz)  

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Latest news  

    SE43 held its 8th meeting from 8 to 10 December 2010 in Geneva (Switzerland). 

SE43 considered the comments received during Public Consultation on draft ECC Report 159 on “Technical and operational requirements for the operation of cognitive radio systems in the ‘white spaces’ of the frequency band 470-790 MHz” and revised the report accordingly.

The revision work on draft ECC Report 159 was organised in two groups. In particular, the discussion of the proposals for further studies on WSDs was moved in a drafting group chaired by Mr. Bruno Espinosa (France), whereas the proposed changes to the main body of the report and its annexes were considered during the plenary sessions.

The meeting approved also the document to be submitted to WG SE that provides information on the actions taken by the group with regard to the comments received during Public Consultation on draft ECC Report 159.

The meeting discussed a number of technical, operational, and regulatory issues that need to be considered before WSDs can be deployed in the band 470-790 MHz without interfering to incumbent radio services/systems in this band and adjacent bands. It was noted that SE43 may continue studies on some issues immediately. However, for some other issues, which are considered as areas for further work, information from the WSD industry and the ETSI would be required before SE43 can address these issues.

Pending to the decision of the WG SE, the group provisionally scheduled two meetings in 2011:

·         14 – 15 April 2011 (ECO, Copenhagen); 

·         5 – 7 July 2011 [TBD].

Read the details of the 8th SE43 meeting in the Minutes of the meeting.


Consult the ECO web page on Cognitive Radio


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Ongoing work

Under the direction of WG SE:

  • define technical and operational requirements for the operation of cognitive radio systems in the white spaces of the UHF broadcasting band (470-790 MHz) to ensure the protection of incumbent radio services/systems and investigate the consequential amount of spectrum potentially available as “white space”;

  • provide, if required, technical assistance on further issues related to white spaces and cognitive radio systems that ECC may identify in the future;

  • liaise directly with relevant groups within ECC and ETSI as necessary.

See also SE43 work items on WGSE Work Programme



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