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SE40 met 4 – 5 April 2011, ECO, Copenhagen and discussed the following issues:  


Support to FM 44 on RNSS pseudolites (WI SE40_16).

SE40 considered four contributions on this subject. A LS was prepared and sent to FM44 providing results of compatibility between pseudolites and the Radio Astronomy service. These elements can be used to prepare an adequate regulatory framework for both indoor and outdoor PLs in the L1 band.

SE40 continued its work on the impact of pulsed pseudolites on non participative receivers. Results are expected after the next SE40 meeting (July 2011).

MSS CGCs and ECN at 2 GHz (WI SE40_18).


SE40 considered documents from Ericsson, Inmarsat and the ECO containing preliminary results of compatibility study as well as a preliminary draft new ECC report. SE40 developed a document containing all the scenarios to be studied and the related parameters for both the MSS and the ECN parts.


A LS was sent to ECC PT1 requesting relevant parameters for the TDD case as well as comments on all the scenarios defined. It is expected that the next WGSE will postpone the deadline for the finalisation of this draft ECC Report.


Support to FM44 on FSS terminals in Ka-band on mobile platforms (SE40_19).

SE40 considered a document from Luxemburg containing a list of geographical locations and technical characteristics for Earth station(s) operating in the Earth-to-space direction in the band 17.3-18.1 GHz (FSS allocation). 

The document slightly amended was kept as a Annex to the Minutes. Administrations were invited to participate in the study.  


Leeheim measurements (compatibility between IRIDIUM and RAS operating in 1610.3 – 1613.8 MHz).

The draft ECC report on “Impact of unwanted emissions of IRIDIUM satellites on radioastronomy operations in the band 1610.6-1613.8 MHz” was finalised at a dedicated meeting in Mainz, Germany (31 March 2011) and will be presented at the next WGSE meeting for preliminary approval to be sent for public consultation. 


Read the details of the meeting in the Minutes of the meeting.


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Ongoing work

Under the direction of WG SE :

·         Conduct technical studies relating to space services and co-ordinate the relevant activities in ITU-R.

See also SE40 work items on WGSE Work Programme




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ECO contact for SE40 related enquiries: Stella Lyubchenko (ECO)  e-mail [email protected] or phone +45 33 89 63 09

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