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FM45 met in SWR premises, Suttgart, Germany, 15-16 December 2010 in order to address the following items.

Drafting Group 1 (R. Beutler, SWR)


Preparation of initial draft report on the possibilities for the future delivery of radio:


A drafting group met in London in November in order to develop the Draft Report on the possibilities for the future delivery of radio. The draft report was further developed by the meeting but it became obvious that it would not be completed during this session. The new structure of the draft report and developed text was agreed by FM PT45. Mr Mike Hate (BBC) is chairing an ad hoc correspondence  group working on a summary table for the draft report.


Preparation of technical parameters for future digital systems in Band II


A drafting group met in London in November in order to develop the draft supplement on the technical parameters for future digital systems for ECC Report 141. During the meeting it became obvious that draft supplement would not be completed at this meeting. The new structure and developed text was agreed by FM PT45. The meeting identified several issues to be further considered at the following meetings (location correction factors,  measurement methods of protection ratios for FM being interfered with by digital broadcast systems, nature of HD Radio system (hybrid system or only digital).


Drafting Group 2 (D. Ratkaj, EBU)


Review of spectrum requirements for PMSE and preparation of a report for WGFM wireless microphones


FM45 was informed that the PWMS industry is evaluating various technology options for the future generation of equipment including those proposed by non PWMS companies.


FM PT45 welcomed and encouraged the dialogue between the industry parties. FM45 considered information on the outlines general operating principles for PMSE equipment. The meeting welcomed the document as a helpful contribution to understand more fully the requirements of the PWMS. In addition, the meeting was informed about the current activities in the ETSI STF386.

It was noted that frequency bands 823-832 MHz and 1785 - 1800 MHz could be suitable for some PMSE applications. One advantage of these two frequency bands is that they are already harmonised on a European basis and provide long term certainty.

The meeting remarked that it will be important to study the spectrum requirements for wireless microphones after the transition to digital technology which is expected to take place in the next 5-10 years.

Drafting Group 3 (M. Le Devendec, ECO)


Study on the harmonisation of the L-band (1452-1479.5 MHz) for mobile multimedia

In response to the request from WG FM/ECC, FM PT45 developed a questionnaire to determine the existing usage of the L band (1452 – 1492 MHz) (see here) and to gather views with regard to possible future use of this part of the spectrum The ECO will provide some analysis of the responses to the questionnaire at the next WG FM meeting (31 January - 04 February 2011) - see the document area.

FM PT45 has gathered information relating to the allocations/applications in the frequency range 1452 – 1492 MHz and the regulatory framework which may be considered by WG FM while considering the results of the questionnaire. In addition, FM45 developed a document providing background information on the framework of the MA02revCO07 Arrangement and the flexibility introduced in 2007 through the envelope concept and the possible aggregation of T-DAB blocks which allows for terrestrial multimedia systems to be deployed in the frequency range 1452 – 1479.5 MHz.


Maintaining the WI95revCO07 and MA02revCO07 Plans


The ECO provided a report on the status  of the status relating to the update of the Plans (contact: [email protected]).




ECO provided an overview of the on going activities within ITU relating to the development of a Handbook on DTV.


Documents are available on the ECO Meeting Document Server.

Latest deliverables:

  • ECC Report 117: Managing the transition to Digital Sound broadcasting in the LF/MF Bands
  • ECC Report 141: Managing the transition to Digital Sound Broadcasting in the frequency bands below 80 MHz


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Ongoing work

FM45 is responsible within the framework of WG FM for the Digital Broadcasting Issues and provide guidance on issues as they arise relating to use of the radio spectrum for broadcasting services.


Consult the revised Terms of References of the group for further details.


FM PT45 meeting documents are available here.


Chairman FM45:

Chairman:      Mr. Nigel Laflin, UK          

E-mail: Nigel.Laflin @

BBC Distribution

Room 4115, White City

201 Wood Lane




Secretary:      Mr. Vaughan John, UK                    

E-mail: vaughan.john @

ERO contact for FM45 related enquiries: Marc Le Devendec (ERO)  e-mail "" or phone +45 33 89 63 22

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