Western European Digital Dividend Implementation Platform (WEDDIP)


General Information


The Platform started its activities in September 2009 by analogy with the so-called “North sea Group”. Administrations represented are: Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Switzerland, The Netherlands and UK.


The Platform is covering strategic topics related to the implementation of the Digital Dividend (DD) in the scope of frequency management related issues. Discussing these issues is beneficial for Administrations involved in bilateral negotiations processes.


The objectives are:

o        discuss issues from a strategic perspective;

o        exchange views on possible solutions for network requirements;

o        sharing plans and ideas on possible approaches for identifying (additional and/or alternative) resources;

o        discuss alternative solutions/approaches for the DD implementation;

o        discuss background for chosen solutions;

o        identify overlapping activities and stumbling blocks;

o        facilitate the negotiation processes (with the aim to advise negotiation teams on relevant topics);

Summaries of topics discussed will be published (where appropriate, detailed information will be attached in annexes to the summaries). Information on WEDDIP activities can be found in the document area. Where relevant, some documents will be password protected.


Latest News


6th meeting in Biel (Switzerland), 2-3 November 2010


Pending frequency management issues related to coordination activities were discussed and possible solutions were identified. 


The theme of the 6th meeting was the harmonisation in the EU of the 800 MHz band. For this reason the meeting discussed and indicated general solutions for compensating the loss of channels above channel 60 on the basis of the equitable access principle. The overall conclusion of the participants was that the meeting was very productive and successful. Via bilateral meetings the technical details will be finalized.


Luxembourg informed the meeting that the first record with wrong coordination data in the ITU database of some antenna sites was successfully corrected. Others will follow.


The meeting decided to launch a webpage. The WEDDIP webpage will be hosted by ECO and will provide interested parties with general information. Detailed information will be available for WEDDIP participants password protected.


The meeting was also informed on the launch of another sub-regional group. The name of the group is NEDDIF (North European Digital Divided Implementation Forum). The group is chaired by Mr Wiktor Sęga (Office of Electronic Communications Department of Frequency Management, Poland). The meeting welcomed this new sister group and offered NEDDIF its cooperation and collaboration. In order to align the activities of both groups, chairmen will meet on a regular basis.


On the kind invitation of ANFR, France, the next meeting will be held in France, 22 – 24 March 2011.


WEDDIP meeting documents are available here.



Date Meeting Location
22-24 March 2011 7th WEDDIP TBD, France

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