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“Numbering related information, including the WG NaN and its Project Teams related information, has been moved to the new web-site: Note, that the meeting documents can only be found at the old web-site (this site) until 1 July 2011.”


The ECC Plenary in its meeting in Montpellier 1-5 March 2010 decided to merge the WG NNA and the ECC PT2 TRIS. At the joint meeting of WG NNA and PT TRIS in Vilnius 16 June 2010 it was decided that the name of the new group is Working Group Numbering and Networks (WG NaN).

The objectives of the Working Group Numbering and Networks are to:

  • Develop national and international numbering, naming and addressing plans for new services and applications and promote their sustainable use;
  • Develop and promote harmonisation of the different national numbering, naming and addressing plans and policies where justified;
  • Develop policies in order to prevent, detect and resolve abuses related with numbers;
  • Identify where technology developments and standards effect the regulation of network access, interconnection and interoperability, and recommend on the appropriate measures.


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Ongoing work

The work of the Working Group Numbering and Networks is focused on:

  • Network aspecs including access, interconnection and interoperability issues.
  • Future Numbering Issues such as M2M communication, nomadic VoIP in mobiles and effective use of numbering resources.
  • Number Portability procedures including assessment of the contents of the new EU regulatory framework, especially USD and its article 30 on NP
  • Harmonised European Short Codes (HESC), especially with regards on short code '116' and possible services behind it.
  • Next Generation Networks.
  • Calling Line Identification and Originating Identification and their integrity in national and international networks.

See also  Terms of Reference (ToR) for the NaN WG

The acting chairman of the Working Group Numbering and Networks is Jan Vannieuwenhuyse, (Belgisch instituut voor postdiensten en telecommunicatie / Institut belge des services postaux et des télécommunications), Belgium and the secretary is Paul Fischer.

ECO contact for WG NaN related enquiries: Jukka Rakkolainen (ECO)  e-mail "" or phone +45 33 89 63 03

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