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This page provides information relating to the relationship between ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) and the ECC.


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The ECC develops regulations for the effective use and Europe-wide harmonization of the radio frequency spectrum, and the efficient use of satellite orbits and, therefore, provides for decisions regarding the allocation/designation of frequencies for radio communications services and applications within the CEPT countries, as well as for related requirements relevant to the use of spectrum by radio equipment.


ETSI develops standards for radiocommunication systems and equipment. Radio standards, and in particular those under article 3.2 of the R&TTE Directive, contain various requirements which relate to the efficient use of the spectrum, including compatibility between different radio services.


A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been agreed between ETSI and the CEPT Electronic Communications Committee (ECC), for co-operation. In the development of Harmonized Standards for radio equipment as well as in relevant ECC deliverables, the provisions of the ETSI-CEPT MoU are applied.


ECC and ETSI representatives meet on a yearly basis in order to maintain a strong relationship between the two organizations, to discuss strategic issues and to report on the ongoing activities in each of the organizations.
ETSI introduced a guidance document to facilitate using their work programme database. The joint ECC-ETSI meeting agreed in October 2010 to publish the guide on ECO web site. If you want to download the document click here.
ECC-ETSI-EC brochure
The ECC and the ETSI with support from the European Commission has jointly produced this brochure which provides an introduction to the regulatory environment in Europe for radio equipment and spectrum and some key information for newcomers.
In this framework, ECC and ETSI are maintaining a relationship matrix, reflecting the work and information connections between groups of the ECC and ETSI. It shows whether there is an ongoing cooperation or a potential relation between various groups in ECC and ETSI. The matrix is supposed to be updated on an annual basis subject, however, to the level of its use.
Responsibility spreadsheet ETSI HSs – ECC activities
The spreadsheet (last update 04 May 2011) shows the list of ETSI Harmonised Standards under development in relation to the ongoing ECC activities. It has been developed within the framework of WGSE-ETSI cooperation. ECC will however investigate whether a similar spreadsheet normally distributed with the ETSI ERM agenda and which is regularly synchronised with the ETSI Work Programme would be more practical to use also within the ECC.
European process of standardisation and regulation for radiocommunications devices or systems
The document describing the cooperation process between ECC and ETSI has been reviewed following and the revised document was endorsed at the ECC-ETSI meeting in October 2010. 


ECO contact for enquiries relating to the ECC-ETSI web page: Marc Le Devendec (ECO)  e-mail "[email protected]" or phone +45 33 89 63 22


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