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Information presented here reflects the main CEPT/ECC activities on the introduction of DVB-T in Europe.

The transition from analogue to digital terrestrial television is probably the most significant revolution since the introduction of the terrestrial video broadcasting. Introduction of DVB-T brings some genuine benefits such as enhanced picture quality and the portable reception. Besides, the digital television will free us from some of the constraints associated with the analogue systems, such as the lack of the spectrum capacity and high demands for protection against interference.

Many important questions, such as migration strategy, optimal network planning methodology and spectrum management in the mixed analogue/digital environment, still have to be answered.

This section presents the main CEPT/ECC activities related to the introduction of DVB-T in Europe.


Available Information

  • CEPT groups dealing with DVB-T issue

WG RRC-06 (closed in October 2006)

SE PT27 (closed in June 2007)

TG4 (Digital Dividend)



  • Documents for download
    - ECC Report 04 including technical annex: Initial ideas concerning the revision of the Stockholm (1961) Agreement (Lisbon, 2002)
    - ERC Report 79 - Implementation of the Chester Agreement  (Naples, 2000)
    - ERC/EBU Report on planning and introduction of terrestrial digital Television in EUROPE (December 1997)



ECO contact for DVB-T related enquiries: Marc Le Devendec (ECO)  e-mail "ledevendec@ero.dk" or phone +45 33 89 63 22


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