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This page gathers information on the activities relating to Digital Dividend within CEPT.




WRC-07 allocated the band 790 - 862 MHz to the Mobile Service on a Primary basis in Region 1 including Europe. This resulted in a call for compatibility studies with other primary services (WRC-11 Agenda Item 1.17).


In April 2008, further to the first Mandate on Digital Dividend, EC issued a second Mandate to the CEPT on technical considerations regarding “harmonisation options for the digital dividend in the European Union”.


Taking due account of the ECC work in response to the EC Mandates on Digital Dividend, the European Commission has adopted the following deliverables:


28 October 2009

European Commission Recommendation 2009/848/EC on "Facilitating the release of the digital dividend in the European Union"


6 May 2010

Commision Decision 2010/267/EU on harmonised technical conditions of use in teh 790-862 MHz frequency bands for terrestial systems capable of providing electronic communications services in the European Union.


Outcomes of the ECC work


The work within the ECC in response to the 2nd EC Mandate on Digital Dividend has been carried out by its sub-ordinate groups ECC TG4, ECC PT1 and WGSE PT42 and resulted in the following CEPT Reports finally approved by the 23rd (22-26 June 2009, Isle of Man, UK) (CEPT Report 29) and 24th (26-30 October 2009, Skopje, FYR of Macedonia) (CEPT Reports 30-32) ECC meetings:

·   CEPT Report 29 on ‘Guideline on cross border coordination issues between mobile   services in one country and broadcasting services in another country’

·   CEPT Report 30 on ‘The identification of common and minimal (least restrictive) technical conditions for 790 - 862 MHz’

·   CEPT Report 31 on ‘Frequency (channelling) arrangements for the 790-862 MHz band’

·   CEPT Report 32 on ‘Recommendation on the best approach to ensure the continuation of existing Program Making and Special Events (PMSE) services operating in the UHF (470-862 MHz), including the assessment of the advantage of an EU-level approach’.


Within the framework of ECC activities on Digital Dividend the following two ECC deliverables have been approved:

  • ECC Decision (09)03 on ‘Harmonised conditions for mobile/fixed сommunications networks (MFCN) operating in the band 790 - 862 MHz’, developed in co-operation between ECC PT1 and WGSE PT42 and approved by the 24th ECC meeting (26-30 October 2009, Skopje, FYR of Macedonia)
  • ECC Report 148: DVB-T performance in the presence of LTE (6-7 June 2010, Marseille)
  • Revised ECC Report 138: Measurements on the performance of DVB-T receivers versus mobile systems (6-7 June 2010, Marseille)
  • ECC Report 142 on ‘Rearrangement activities for broadcasting services in order to free the sub-band 790 - 862 MHz‘, approved by the 1´5th meeting of ECC TG4 (8-10 February 2010, Cork, Ireland) 

Within ECC, CPG PTD is the lead group for the CEPT preparations for the WRC-11 Agenda Item 1.17 on sharing studies between the mobile service and other services in the band 790-862 MHz in Regions 1 and 3. CPG PTD is contributing to ITU-R JTG 5-6 on this agenda item on behalf of the CEPT.

Latest news (latest meeting will appear first)


The Platform started its activities in September 2009 by analogy with the so-called “North sea Group”. Administrations represented are: Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Switzerland, The Netherlands and UK.


The Platform is covering strategic topics related to the implementation of the Digital Divided (DD) in the scope of frequency management related issues. Discussing these issues is beneficial for Administrations involved in bilateral negotiations processes.


Consult the web page of the group.


CPG-PTD considered the issue of adding country names in footnote No. 5.316A and concluded that Administrations wishing to add their country names to footnote No. 5.316A should do it through AI 1.17 not AI 1.1.


The CEPT brief was updated in light of the contributions from Germany and France. The introductory part of the CEPT preliminary position was improved; the issue A was updated mainly to take into account the results of the last meeting of the JTG 5-6 (i.e. the issue of the cumulative effect of the base stations in the calculation of the coordination threshold to protect the broadcasting service). With respect to issue B, two methods are put forward: B1bis (based on 9.21 before and after 2015) and B2 (based on 9.21 before 2015 and on new regulatory provisions after 2015, the new Resolution [mobile/ARNS] that treats the ARNS and the mobile service on an equal basis). With respect to issue C, there was a consensus for no change within Region 1.


A first draft ECP was issued and the principles contained in the brief were used. For issue B, two options have been inserted, one corresponding to B1bis (supported by the Russian Federation) and one corresponding to method B2 (supported by other administrations). All is contained is one single document.

ECC TG4 corner: 

16th ECC TG4 in Marseille, 6-7 June 2010 further considered the second mandate of the EU on Digital Dividend. It achieved the following results: 


Drafting Group on ECC Reports Protection Ratio (Mr. Alexandre Kholod)

  • Draft ECC Report 148 on Protection ratio LTE into DVB-T: the comments received during the Public Consultation of ECC Report 148 were considered and a revised version of the document was endorsed by the group.

  • Revision of ECC Report 138 (Measurements on the performance of DVB-T receivers in the presence of interference from the Mobile Service (especially from UMTS)): no change to the output of the previous meeting.

The meeting included Key note presentations on “The ultimate co-operation: hybrid networks a 2020 reality?” (presentations are available in the TG4 document area and in the minutes (see also below)).

This completed the activities of TG4.


ITU-R JTG 5-6 corner: 


Within ITU-R, JTG 5-6 finalised the CPM text relating to Agenda Item 1.17. The text will be considered by the CPM (14-25 February 2011). This completed th activities of JTG 5-6. 


ECC WGSE PT42 corner: 

At its meeting in Mainz (6-8 October 2009), SE42 considered the regulatory provisions on the 790-862 MHz band, and filled in the RIG II template with the scope to provide an example to cover the case of BSs for the fixed/mobile service. This example is intended to illustrate how national radio interface can be notified by an administration within the EFIS database. SE42 reported its experience by sending a LS to WG RA, RA RIS Correspondence Group and EFIS management group.

The work relating to Digital Dividend is completed within SE42. 


List of meetings related to digital dividend.



Meeting dates

27th ECC meeting

8-12 November 2010, Luxembourg


14-25 February 2011

28th ECC Meeting

7 - 11 March 2011


23 January - 17 February 2011


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