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At its 8th meeting (30 November – 2 December 2010, in Mainz (Germany)), CPG PTA considered and agreed on the following issues:


Agenda item 1.2 CEPT Coordinator, Mrs. Lilian Jeanty (the Netherlands): taking into account the ITU R studies carried out in accordance with Resolution 951 (Rev.WRC 07), to take appropriate action with a view to enhancing the international regulatory framework).


Draft Brief on A.I. 1.2 was updated based on input for the meeting (doc. 83). Draft ECP was further refined based on CPG12-6 instructions, input contribution (doc. 79) as well as discussions which took place at Special Committee.  

The CEPT contribution to the CPM-12 meeting on A.I. 1.2 was approved by CPG PTA and will be submitted by France. Additional text was agreed by this meeting related to issue B (General allocation issues) of draft CPM text. This document will be submitted by Sweden.


Agenda item 1.13 CEPT Coordinator, Mr. Samuel Blondeau (Luxembourg): (Studies in accordance with Resolution 551 (WRC 07) and decision on the spectrum usage of the 21.4-22 GHz band for the BSS and the associated feeder-link bands in Regions 1 and 3). DG was chaired by Mr Patrick van Niftrik.

Discussions focused on two issues: feeder-link spectrum, and the sharing between Regions 1 & 3 BSS and Regions 1 & 3 terrestrial services.

The draft Brief was revised based on the instructions received from CPG12-6 and also aligned with preliminary draft ECP reflecting proposed uplink band 24.65-25.25 GHz. The draft ECP on A.I. 1.13 was also updated.

On the sharing between Regions 1 & 3 BSS and Regions 1 & 3 terrestrial services, two proposals were received. The draft ECP was updated by inclusion of 2 options addressing this matter. Option 1 is applicable in case of confirmation by CPG of the superprimary status of BSS as provided by the current provision of the Resolution 525 (Rev. WRC-07). Option 2 would be applicable in case if CPG decides not to have a superprimary status for BSS in the band 21.4-22.0 GHz but to have the BSS with equal primary allocation with the fixed and mobile services.

 Agenda item 1.19 CEPT Coordinator, Mrs. Olga Slyusar (the Russian Federation): to consider regulatory measures and their relevance, in order to enable the introduction of software-defined radio and cognitive radio systems, based on the results of ITU R studies, in accordance with Resolution 956 (WRC 07).


One contribution was submitted by the CEPT coordinator on this A.I. dealing revision to the draft Brief (doc. 88).

Taking into account that there will be one more meeting of CPG PTA prior to CPG12-7 and the limited time available at the present meeting, the meeting decided to forward this contribution to its next meeting.


Agenda item 1.22 CEPT Coordinator, Mr. Yves Ollivier (France): to examine the effect of emissions from short-range devices on radiocommunication services, in accordance with Resolution 953 (WRC 07).


In absence of contributions with respect to this issue, no work was undertaken on the draft Brief or on the draft ECP at the present meeting.


Agenda item 2 and 4 CEPT Coordinator, Mr. Alexander Kühn (Germany): to examine the revised ITU R Recommendations incorporated by reference in the Radio Regulations & to review the resolutions and recommendations of previous conferences.


The draft Brief on A.I. 2 was considered, drafting group did not make any modifications. Administrations are kindly requested to contribute on this agenda item.


Draft CEPT Brief on A.I. 4 was updated. CPG PTA prepared unanimously agreed by CEPT administrations a Common contribution on A.I. 4 for submission to the CPM11-2 meeting.  


Agenda item 7 CEPT Coordinator, Mr. Stephen Limb (UK): to consider possible changes in response to Resolution 86 (Rev. Marrakesh, 2002) of the Plenipotentiary Conference: “Advance publication, coordination, notification and recording procedures for frequency assignments pertaining to satellite networks”, in accordance with Resolution 86 (Rev. WRC 07).


Document 87 was submitted by two administrations to PTA in response to the Special Committee considerations of the link between the issues of bringing into use, suspension and due diligence information relating to satellite networks. This document will be submitted to the CPM-12. It was clarified that the intention was to discuss the issues in PTA so that CEPT administrations could be aware of the issues and could then individually decide whether to add their names to this multi-country contribution to CPM-12. A number of administrations indicated their desire to continue development of the document by correspondence with a view to submitting a multi-country contribution to CPM. 


Agenda item 8.1 CEPT Coordinator, Mr. Alexander Kühn (Germany): to consider and approve the Report of the Director of the Radiocommunication Bureau.


A drafting group chaired by CEPT Coordinator considered the draft Brief on WRC-12 A.I. 8.1 and developed a new preliminary CEPT position with respect to WRC Resolution 63 (AI 8.1.1 Question A). Draft Brief was approved by CPG PTA.

 Agenda item 8.2 CEPT Coordinator, Mr. Anders Jonsson (Sweden): to recommend to the Council items for inclusion in the agenda for the next WRC, and to give its views on the preliminary agenda for the subsequent conference and on possible agenda items for future conferences, taking into account Resolution 806 (WRC-07).


Nine contributions were presented for CPG PTA regarding various issues to be included in the agenda for WRC-16. CPG PTA decided to continue to collect proposals for agenda items from administrations, the ECC family and other stakeholders. Evaluation, prioritising and selection of proposals to be finally included in the draft ECP on agenda item 8.2 will take place later.


CPG PT A decided that the following working documents developed at this meeting should continue to be internal documents: 

·         Working document containing the draft new Resolution for the next WRC agenda together with the draft resolutions accompanying the agenda items provided by the proponents of the agenda items.

·        Working document containing the completed templates in Annex 2 of Resolution 804 for each agenda item provided by the proponents of the agenda items.

·         Working document containing the evaluation of the compliance with the principles in the CEPT brief on AI 8.2 provided by the proponents of the agenda items.

·          Draft brief for Agenda Item 8.2.

  Document contains proposals for agenda items for the next WRC and supporting resolutions submitted by CEPT members or observers to CPG PT A but not agreed by CPG PT A can be downloaded here.


Consult the ECO web page on Cognitive Radio


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Ongoing work

The work of CPG-PTA concentrates on general regulatory and technical issues of WRC-12 preparation, in particular, on agenda items 1.2, 1.13, 1.19, 1.22, 2, 4, 7, 8.1 (except WRC Resolutions 13, 344, 355, 517 and 673) and 8.2.

To deal with these agenda items, CPG-PTA prepares draft European Common Proposals, draft CEPT brief, preliminary CEPT positions, for the presentation to other administrations or regional bodies and CEPT positions for the Radiocommunication Assembly.
CPG-PTA also coordinates CEPT positions for the relevant ITU-R meetings, in particular Conference Preparatory Meeting and Special Committee on regulatory/procedural matters, and CEPT positions concerning draft RRB rules of procedures.

In carrying out these activities CPG-PTA consults with the relevant bodies and organisations and reports to the CPG.


PT A Chairman
Mr. Alexander Kühn, Germany
Tel: +49 228 14 1213
e-mail: [email protected]

ECO contact for CPG PTA related enquiries: Stella Lyubchenko (ECO)  e-mail "[email protected]" or phone +45 33 89 63 09

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