Numbering reports by former European Telecommunications Office (ETO)

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During the 1990’s, the former European Telecommunications Office (ETO) undertook several studies for the European Committee for Telecommunications Regulatory Affairs (ECTRA) of the means of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of numbering, naming and addressing from a regulatory point of view. This work, some of which was initiated at the request of the European Commission, was in response to the recognition that numbering is a key issue in a competitive environment to ensure easy access to networks and services. In parallel with these studies, the ETO also undertook several studies with regard to the establishment of a European Telephony Numbering Space (ETNS).

The reports of the studies listed below are available for download.

ECTRA Report 48264 Non-discriminatory access to numbering resources

July 1996

ECTRA Report 48267 Numbering related to the topic of user-friendliness

October 1996

ECTRA Report 48341 Carrier selection

July 1997

ECTRA Report 48378 Review of national numbering schemes on their openness to competition

October 1997

ECTRA Report 48379 Harmonised national numbering conventions

October 1997

ECTRA Report 48263 Numbering related to personal communications services (PCS) in Europe

November 1997

ECTRA Report 48374-75-76 Management, routeing & portability aspects of the European Telephony Numbering Space (ETNS)

June 1998

ECTRA Report 48380 Harmonisation of short codes in Europe

September 1998

ECTRA Report 48461 ETNS field trial 1: scope, architecture, work plan & business plan

January 1999

ECTRA Report 48502 Project management, administration & registrar functions for the ETNS field trial, phase 2

September 1999

ECTRA Report 48377 The numbering requirements of corporate telecommunication networks (CNs) & their impact on public network numbering

November 1999

ECTRA Report 48381 A long term strategic plan for the numbering & addressing of telecommunications services in Europe

November 1999

ECTRA Report 48465 Harmonised national conventions for naming & addressing

December 1999

ECTRA Report Apr 00 Number portability for mobile networks

February 2000

ECTRA Report Nov 00 The effect of number portability on national number administration & management

November 2000


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