TG4 Digital Dividend (Closed)

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16th ECC TG4 in Marseille, 6-7 June 2010 further considered the second mandate of the EU on Digital Dividend.


Drafting Group on ECC Reports Protection Ratio (Mr. Alexandre Kholod) considered the following.


Draft ECC Report 148 on Protection ratio LTE into DVB-T

The comments received during the Public Consultation of ECC Report 148 were considered and a revised version of the document was endorsed by the group.


Revision of ECC Report 138 (Measurements on the performance of DVB-T receivers in the presence of interference from the Mobile Service (especially from UMTS))

No change to the output of the previous meeting, the revised ECC Report will be published on the ECO web site.


The meeting also included Key note presentations on “The ultimate co-operation: hybrid networks a 2020 reality?” (presentations are available in the TG4 document area and in the minutes (see also below)).

  • Mr Philippe Lefebvre (EU): Wish full thinking or political desirability
  • Mr Roland Beutler (SWR): Terrestrial BC, where are you going to?
  • Mr Guillaume Lebrun (Qualcomm): Convergence of services on the mobile platform
  • Mr. John Derksen (NL): Future of frequency bands  I  - V

Consult the minutes of the meeting.


Latest deliverables:


ECC Report 148: DVB-T performance in the presence of LTE


Revised ECC Report 138: Measurements on the performance of DVB-T receivers versus mobile systems


ECC Report 142: Rearrangement activities for broadcasting services in order to free the sub-band 790 - 862 MHz


CEPT Report 32Report from CEPT to EC in response to the Mandate on "Recommendation on the best approach to ensure the continuation of existing Program Making and Special Events (PMSE) services operating in the UHF (470-862 MHz), including the assessment of the advantage of an EU-level approach"

The Chairman table at the 16th TG4 meeting in Marseille


Pictures kindly provided by Mr. Cenek Pavelka (Czech republic)



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Ongoing work

ECC TG4 prepare CEPT Reports in response to the Mandate from the EC on technical considerations regarding harmonisation options for the digital dividend (see the Term of References of TG4).


Chairman: Mr. Aljo van Dijken, Ministry of Economics Radiocommunications Agency Netherlands


ECO contact for TG4 related enquiries: Marc Le Devendec (ECO)  e-mail "" or phone +45 33 89 63 22

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