Information on use of the CEPT website

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The new CEPT website has 5 areas of information to be selected from the menu line.

General information

Information about the CEPT, its organisation, legal framework and membership.
Also a link to the website to the European Communications Office (ECO).


News from the CEPT Presidency, press releases and circulars to CEPT members of general interest.

CEPT Leaflet

A public leaflet containing an overview of CEPT.


Links to websites for the three main CEPT committees, the Electronic Communications Committee (ECC), the Committee for ITU Policy (Com-ITU) and the European Committee for Postal Regulation (CERP).

Contact points

Contact details for office holders in the CEPT organisation and for associated organisations.

Document database.

Choose the icon  Browse Meeting Documents and go to the document database.

The document database provides meeting documents for the CEPT Assembly, Com-ITU, the ECC and its associated working groups and project teams.

A user name and password are needed to download documents. The chairpersons of the groups are responsible for uploading of documents and for access to passwords.

The passwords are provided to the meeting participants by the chairperson of the group.

Please note that some of the 2003 documents may be found under the archive folder.

The web site may also be used for upload of meeting documents by the chairman or secretary with special passwords. All documents should be forwarded to the chairman or secretary for upload.

News and events

News from meetings with information about decisions taken is displayed on the web site.