Time and place: Wednesday 18 January 2006, ERO, Copenhagen

Workshop Objectives
To explore:
• the technical, operational and commercial issues relating to the interconnection of NGNs;
• the implications for interconnection of numbering and quality issues;
• the options for backbones and transit networks and the provision of facilities such as ENUM and DNS;
• the practical issues of migrating from existing networks and rolling out new services;
• the retail and interconnection charging models for services on NGNs.

The workshop aims to bring together technical, operational and commercial experts for a joint discussion of these overlapping issues. Recognising that different attendees will have different interests, the aim is to establish better understanding of the interactions between the issues that will feed constructively into strategic thinking about the design and implementation of NGN and the extent to which cooperation may be needed for the provision of common facilities.

Complete set of presentations.

Presentation 1  Overview of NGN – its services and interconnection, including “simulation” and “emulation”, numbering options John Horrocks (DTI)
Presentation 2  BT’s 21C and its roll-out, migration and interconnection options Tim Wright (BT)
Presentation 3 PSTN renewal, NGN and triple play offers, IMS and fixed-mobile convergence Jean Craveur (France Telecom)
Presentation 4 Effects of incumbent migration to NGN on new operators and interconnection, including the options considered in UK and effects on numbering and number portability Paul Rosbotham  (C&W)
Presentation 5 A new model for interconnection - the TRIS ideas John Horrocks (DTI)
Presentation 6  GSMA plans and developments Niall Halpenny, Project Director at the GSM Association
Presentation 7  Numbering/naming for call routing John Horrocks (DTI)
Presentation 8rev1   Developments around carrier ENUM and their relevance to NGNs Richard Stastny (Oefeg)
Presentation 9 GSMA plans for ENUM Kim Fullbrook (O2 & GSMA)
Presentation 10 New charging models Rob Borthwick, Vodafone
Presentation 11 Delivering end-end quality – the state of the art (what we know and what we do not know) and priorities for the future John Horrocks (DTI)
Presentation 12 Traffic management and congestion control Andy Reid (BT)
Complete set of the presentations