ECO Reports


“ECO Reports present the findings of reports developed by the European Communications Office (ECO)

in support to the activities of ECC. The views expressed in those reports are those from the ECO

and contributors, and are not necessarily those from the ECC, from CEPT member administrations or

any consulted parties. All information has been assembled in good faith and to the best ability of the study team.

The ECO and possible subcontractors cannot accept responsibility for loss arising from decisions based on this study.

The ECO would like to thank everyone who contributed to the development of those reports.”


ECO Report



Date 31/08/10

ECO Report 01



Dynamic evolution of RFID market


ECO Report 01

Date 14/09/10

ECO Report 02

Impact of rx parameters on spectrum management


The impact of receiver parameters on spectrum management regulations.

A Pilot Study


ECO Report 02

Date 26/05/11

ECO Report 03

Licensing of Mobile bands 



The licensing of 'Mobile bands' in CEPT


ECO Report 03


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