ECC Questionnaires

This web page provides access to the current questionnaires within ECC. Replies to the questionnaires are invited from those indicated in the column 'Who should reply'. The replies should be forwarded to the contact person by e-mail by the deadline indicated.
1. Current ECC Questionnaires
Start Group Description

Who should reply

Recipient of the replies
 /ECO Technical contact
25.05.11 WG FM Questionnaire on protection of PMSE in UHF with WSD CEPT administratons and the Industry [email protected] 16.09.11


Collection of information about the usage of the frequency band 169.4-169.8125 MHz CEPT administratons and the Industry [email protected] 16.08.11
07.02.11 FM PT44 Questionnaire on the FS use of the 28.8365-28.9485 GHz CEPT administrations [email protected] 30.06.11


2. Summaries of ECC Questionnaires

A list of past Questionnaires is available here.

ECO contact
for ECC Questionnaires related enquiries: Susanne Have (e-mail:
[email protected], Tel: +45 33 89 63 17),
Bente Pedersen (e-mail:
Bente.Pedersen@eco,, Tel: +45 33 89 63 11)



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