The United Kingdom
Where Vessels, and in general as a voluntary aid primarily on light aircraft
License Yes.  A ship radio license is required for PLBs on vessels.  An aircraft radio license is required for a PLBs on aircraft.
Certificate It is a condition of both the ship and aircraft radio licences respectively that apparatus may only operated by those who hold an appropriate operator certificate.  However, in an emergency (where there is a risk to life), anyone may operate radio equipment to summon assistance
Other UK is considering permitting use of PLBs on land.
Free movement Yes but they would not be able to use it overland. As there is no licence available for the land-based use of a PLB (and they are not licence-exempt), any person who used a PLB on land would technically be committing an offence. We would expect the captain of any aircraft and the master of any vessel to be able to produce a valid licence for all radio apparatus installed in the aircraft or on the vessel