European Telephony Numbering Space (ETNS)
– portability of ETNS Numbers

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An organisation or individual that has obtained an ETNS Number may change the service provider that supplies the ETNS service associated with that ETNS Number without any need to change the number. An ETNS Number may be ported between service providers irrespective of the country in which the old and new service providers are based.

An organisation or individual with an ETNS Number may also move from one location to another without needing to change the number.
The rules and procedures for porting ETNS numbers are specified in the ETNS Conventions. Additionally, ETSI standard EN 301 937 (“Number portability for ETNS services”) describes:

  • the main technical requirements and features of number portability in the context of the ETNS
  • the technologies available for realizing number portability in a way that is both efficient and minimises the impacts on networks.

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