Software tool to update ST61 records based on the TVA files


In the process of preparations for the Regional Radiocommunication Conference (RRC-06) it is important to bring the St61 Plan in line with the actual situation, as far as possible.


In many cases the national TVA files contain more accurate and up-to-date data than the corresponding St61 records.

This programme is intended to help the CEPT administrations in the process of updating their ST61 entries, based on the TVA files.


The main functions of this programme are:

  • comparison of St61 records and TVA records in order to identify matching records
  • review and update of data
  • generation of electronic notices according to format specification as given in the ITU circular letter CR/120.

ST61 records are retrieved from the file ‘terrabasebeta.mdb’ which is an MS Access database supplied by the ITU BR on the BRIFIC CD-ROM. This file must be available on the hard disk and the software will read it directly.


TVA files contain analogue TV data in a format that is compliant with the specifications included in Annex 3 to Chester Agreement ’97 and is also provided in the ECC Report 35. A set of the latest TVA files supplied by CEPT administrations are available on the ERO FTP server.


It is recommended to read the User documentation alongside using the software.

The programme is developed for MS Windows platform. 




Version 1.4.18


Executable version of the programme (84 kB)

User documentation (MS Word format -  3.650 MB, pdf format - 911 kB)


All downloads are in compressed (zip) format. The software needs to be extracted and saved on the local hard disk. No further installation is necessary.


In case some "DLL" are missing, the user may need to instal the installation version of the software containing the relevant "DLL" and then to run the executable file.


Your feedback, including comments, proposals and error reports, is welcome.


For inquiries regarding this software, please contact:



Peblingehus, Nansensgade 19

DK-1366 Copenhagen, Denmark

Tel: +45 33 89 63 00

Fax: +45 33 89 63 30




Whilst every effort is made to ensure the highest quality of the software, ERO cannot accept any responsibility for damage or loss arising from any decision based on the results obtained using this software.


This program is provided free of charge and only for internal use. Any commercial use of the program is prohibited.


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