Software tool to review the results of the planning exercises


Software tool to review the results of the planning exercises as contained in Addendum 1 to Document IPG 1/32



Results of the first planning exercise are contained in the Addendum 1 to Document IPG 1/32. They comprise a large amount of complex information presented in a form of database files. In addition to tools included in the Addendum it might be worth to consider also additional means to help the appreciation of the information.

COCOT Browser 05

In order to better understand these data an ad-hoc program CocotBrowse05 was implemented, entirely as a hobby project. It concentrates on certain facets of the problem and is by no means intended to be a comprehensive tool. Functions implemented in the program can be accessed by the selection in the combo-box in the upper left corner of this form.

The program control is fairly intuitive. This is, indeed, a subjective view and some users may arrive to a contrary conclusion. The grid display can be, to a large extent, manipulated using the right mouse button. Contents of a selected part of a grid or of the entire grid can be copy/pasted to other programs such as MS Excel. Selected elements of the "List of requirements" are shown in a simple map. The map scale can be adjusted by drawing a rectangle around the point of focus with the mouse. Drawing a "negative" rectangle resets the scale.


The program was developed within one Sunday afternoon with a very little documentation on data structures available. Therefore it is very likely that it may contain errors both on the program and data interpretation sides. The data model used in this application was obtained by inspection of database files as of July 2005. While this guesswork seems to be acceptable for this generation of files one has to expect that the program will not be fully functional with future issues of data files. Author of the program cannot bear any responsibility for any consequences of the interpretation of the program's output.


Revisions: Software tool to review the results of the planning exercises as contained in Addendum 4 to Document IPGWP/7

Several revisions were done in order to keep the program functional. Rev 1 was a simple reaction on beta-tester's suggestions. Rev 2 was necessary to counteract changes in the database structure (RRC06-PE1_2-CASE4_3dB_90loc.MDB is not compatible with RRC06-PE1-CASE4.MDB to which the program was originally tailored).

Tomas Cesky (SES-ASTRA)


Last updated: 22 October 2005
M. Le Devendec, ERO