MA02revCO07 T-DAB Plan in the ASCII97 data format




This page contains the updated MA02revCO07 T-DAB Allotment Plan and associated Assignment List, as of 01 September 2007 in the ASCII97 data format. The same data in the new CO07 format (see Annex 3 of the MA02revCO07 Special Arrangement) can be downloaded from the main page on MA02evCO07 Plan.


It has to be noted that some corrections have been done in the identificators of the allotments/assignments in order to harmonise the format in the Co07 format. Those corrections were not implemented in the ASCII files.


The following data files are available for download:

  • Updated MA02revCO07 Plan containing successfully coordinated T-DAB allotments and assignments.
    • Part 1 - allotments transferred from the Plan adopted at Wiesbaden 1995, including subsequent modifications and associated assignments (last update October 2010).
    • Part 2 - allotments/assignments originated at Maastricht 2002 
    • Part 2 sup - allotments/assignments coordinated after the Co07 meeting but before the 31st August 2007 (from Slovakia - note: these files are disputed by Hungary) and after the 31st August 2007 from the Czech Republic (latest update 01 April 2011).
  • Proposed modifications to the Plan that have been published in the ECO Circular letters and for which the coordination procedure is not completed yet. These files contain proposals from the following countries:
  • Extract from the Plan as per country

The following files have been created for each country, as applicable:

·         ‘Active’ as a part of the file name indicates that the file contains T-DAB Plan entries for a given country

·         ‘Proposed’ contains proposals published in the Circular letters but not included in the Plan.


For all countries, extracts from Part 1 and Part 2 of the Plan are provided in separate files, respectively.


Some of the administrations that were contracted to the previous Special Arrangements did not sign the revised Special Arrangements. The stations belonging to those countries not signing the MA02revCO07 are kept in the Plan.


The information on data formats and software for reviewing the data files is provided here.


Note: The MA02revCO07 Plan will provisionally continue to be available in ASCII97.




ECO contact for T-DAB related enquiries: Bruno Espinosa (ECO)  e-mail "" or phone +45 33 89 63 06



Ongoing work

- Practical issues surrounding monitoring sites
- Noise floor measurements
- SHF monitoring campaign
- Interference to aeronautical service
- FM-BC deviation and MPX power measurements
- DVB-T coverage measurements
- On-site inspections
- Practical considerations for mobile monitoring stations
- Radio monitoring reporting form
- Measurement of Disturbance Fields from Telecommunications Systems and Networks
- WEB portal for fixed monitoring stations
- Block edge mask measurements
- Automatic data collection in the HF range
- Monitoring campaign on SRD frequencies
- Interference in 2G/3G networks due to repeaters
- Interference caused by plasma displays
- Unmanned Aircrafts for spectrum monitoring


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