Regional Radiocommunications Conference (RRC)

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RRC Intersessional period


A large amount of work was required in the period between the two sessions. The first session of the Conference adopted several resolutions by which it established various elements for the preparatory work of RRC-06, as well as the schedule of the intersessional activities. These intersessional activities include:

- additional ITU-R studies in various fields, as indicated in Resolution Nos. COM4/2, COM4/3, COM4/4, COM4/5, COM4/6 and COM4/7;

- specific studies on regulatory/procedural matters related to the RRC agenda, including the consequential changes to the Regional Agreements “Stockholm 1961” and “Geneva 1989” with a view to ensuring adequate harmonization (Resolution PLEN/1);

- specific activities relating to frequency planning, as indicated in Resolution COM5/1.


An Intersessional Planning Group (IPG) was established for the purpose of carrying out planning exercises and related activities prior to the second session. IPG was open to participation on the same basis as the RRC itself.


The ITU-R established the Planning Exercise Team (PXT), composed of BR staff and assisted by experts nominated by regional groups and EBU. The PXT focussed its activities on the following main objectives:

- verification and implementation of the planning software for the production of the draft frequency Plan for digital terrestrial broadcasting service;

- identification of planning issues to be considered by IPG, RPG, the ITU-R study groups and BR and providing, where appropriate, working assumptions for these issues.


A Regulatory/Procedural Group (RPG) was established to study regulatory and procedural issues and to prepare a draft text of the new agreement.


Planning software


EBU TD has developed the planning software for compatibility analysis and plan synthesis. The software has been implemented by ITU-R and used to carry out two planning exercises in the intersessional period as well as for planning activities during the second session of the Conference.


In addition, ITU-R has made available software for data capture, validation and correction for the purpose of preparation and submission of the requirements for the planning exercises and RRC-06. Furthermore, ITU-TR has developed display software for review of the results of the planning exercises and the Ge06 Plan(s).


CEPT activities


In CEPT the intersessional work was conducted within the WG RRC-06.


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