ETNS Services Forum
— Charter & Structure

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1. Mission and Goals

The mission and goals of the ETNS Services Forum are to:

  • Facilitate the exchange of ideas and share experience among commercial players regarding the implementation and provision of pan-European services
  • Increase awareness of pan-European services in the industry and user community
  • Support a market-driven development of pan-European services and, in a complementary way, minimise the need for regulatory intervention or reactions at a policy level in respect of this development
  • Clarify problems and issues, especially those related to interconnection, access and consumer protection, that will appear during the commercial implementation of pan-European services and which go beyond what the regulatory and administrative framework can readily address
  • Ensure the development and implementation of pan-European services is based in a commitment to their long-term future
  • Ensure the development and implementation of pan-European services takes account of the need for adequate consumer protection
  • Ensure the development and implementation of pan-European services takes account of the need to be able to enforce relevant rules and regulations effectively.

2. Scope and Focus

The scope and focus of the ETNS Services Forum is, as a first priority, services based on the ETNS. The scope and focus may be extended to include services operating within the legal and technical framework for the ETNS but not necessarily using ETNS numbers.

3. Responsibilities

The ETNS Services Forum is advisory only and is not responsible for making binding decisions.

4. Membership and Participation

Membership of the ETNS Services Forum is open to all who have an interest in improving the responsible development and provision of services that are within the scope of the Forum.

Members of the ETNS Services Forum are representatives of individual companies or relevant commercial and trade associations.

No membership fees are applicable to the ETNS Services Forum.

5. Outputs

The ETNS Services Forum produces guidelines and assistance on technical, commercial, regulatory and awareness issues.

The ETNS Services Forum liaises with and provides assistance to the European Regulators’ Group, the Independent Regulators’ Group, the EU Communications Committee, the CEPT Electronic Communications Committee, the Independent Audiotex Regulators’ Network, the European Confederation of Contact Centre Organisations, and other relevant bodies responsible for matters related to the scope and focus of the Forum.

6. Structure

The ETNS Services Forum has a chairperson who is elected for a reasonable period, the role of whom is to:

  • Facilitate discussions at meetings, exchanges of information, and the production of outputs
  • Provide management of the work of the body.

7. Meetings

The ETNS Services Forum undertakes its activities via:

  • Working meetings, where members work together to produce outputs and develop solutions to commercial and operational problems related to the scope and focus of the body
  • Workshops, where members make presentations, possibly to a general audience, on commercial, operational and other issues related to the scope and focus of the body.

ETNS Services Forum working meetings are held at least twice per year and are issue-driven.


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