Frequently Asked Questions on SEAMCAT:

  1. Q: SEAMCAT does not start anymore after that the automatic download was interupted
    A: This issue may happen when the connection may be lost like when using WLAN. When this happen, some part of SEAMCAT is installed but not all of it and you need to remove SEAMCAT entirely from your machine. The complete procedure (for microsoft OS) is as follows:

    - Control Panel / Open “Java” under “General” open “Temporary Internet Files”

    - “Delete” all the files - Control Panel / Add or Remove Programs uninstall SEAMCAT

    - Then, go to and re-install SEAMCAT this time with a good connection

  2. Q: How do I install SEAMCAT-3 on my PC?
    A: You simply need to click on the link provided on and the program will automatically download necessary elements to your PC (during first installation you will be offered a choice of where to install Seamcat directory) and then will start itself. During this installation, normally a special Seamcat icon should be created on your desktop. Later you may launch SEAMCAT-3 by simply clicking on that icon.

    Each time the program is started on Internet connected PC, it will automatically check with the central SEAMCAT-3 server whether new updates are available, and if yes, it will download them. This is so called Live Web Update feature, which ensures that you always run the latest SEAMCAT-3 version.

  3. Q:I do not have Java installed on my PC, how should I run the SEAMCAT-3?
    If you do not have previously installed Java Runtime Environment on your PC, it will be automatically installed during the first installation of SEAMCAT-3. Alternatively, you may yourself pre-install Java free of charge from the Sun website at

  4. Q: I pressed the link, but the installation has not been completed
    First of all, make sure that you have administrator rights on your PC, i.e. the right to install programmes, before pressing the SEAMCAT-3 installation link. If the problem occurs when the user with  administrator rights is trying to install software, please make sure that the Firewall is not set to block installation of new programmes. You may need to ask advice of your IT administrator on these points. If the problem with installation persists, please contact the ERO describing the problem and supplying screen shots of any error messages displayed during installation.

  5. Q: I pressed the installation link, this transferred me to Java web site, and nothing happened afterwards?
    If you have been transferred to Java web site, this means that your PC does not have Java Run Time Environment installed, which is needed for SEAMCAT-3 to run. Normally the installation process would check whether you have the Java installed on your PC and would automatically take you to Java web site to download the free version of Java Runtime Enviroment and afterwards would proceed with installation of SEAMCAT. If the process has stopped, this could mean that either you do not have administrative rights to install new software on your PC or Firewall settings preclude you from doing so. Please see the answer to previous question for responsive action.

For any queries related to SEAMCAT please contact Jean-Philippe Kermoal (ERO) at or phone +45 33 89 63 07