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ECC modernises spectrum regulations in mobile services.


The latest ECC meeting (June 2010, Baden) has released number of reports which will make spectrum use more efficient and enable the introduction of new technologies in existing bands.  Read more here


 The ECC Plenary, at its meeting in Baden, Switzerland this week, has agreed to merge the WG NNA and the ECC PT2 TRIS. The  new Working Group will be called  "Numbering and Networks" (WG NaN). The terms of reference of the new WG can be found here.

ECC publishes five year strategy to strengthen and enhance Europe's electronic communications policy co-ordination

  ●  Read about it here

●  Read the Strategic Plan here




The ECC is the Committee of the CEPT's work in Radio Spectrum and Telecommunications numbering/addressing.

ECC latest meetings and announcements

The ECC met on 21-25th June in Baden, Switzerland.  See ECC News Page for more information.

ECC Consultations

Public consultations are an integral and important part of our work.
See the list of current consultations and how to contribute here.    

ECC Topics

Digital Dividend

Cognitive Radio

Receiver Pilot Project


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