Welcome to the information pages for CNG1 of the RRC-06
These pages contain day-to-day practical information for CNG1 members.
Coordination and Negotiations Groups (CNG) are established for the purpose of organizing and managing the work within Committee 4 of the RRC-06.
Consideration for the operation of CNG1 can be found here.
Meeting facilities
The room B at the level -2 in the ITU tower is available for CNG1 and its sub-CNGs for the whole period of the conference.
The room A at the level -2 in the ITU tower and the room K in the Montbrillant building are available during the first and the second week.
Additional meeting rooms may be booked, if required, via the CNG1 Secretary, Mr. R. Zoric (BR).
Meetings of the whole CNG1 will be arranged by the CNG1 chairman.
Sub-CNG1 chairmen will organize meetings of their respective sub-CNGs as appropriate.
The meeting schedule until the end of the first week of the conference is available here.
Contact Messaging System
A web based application has been set up on the ERO web site to facilitate CEPT coordination during the RRC-06 and the work in CNG1.Authorised persons (e.g. CEPT Coordinators and CNG1 officers) can send messages to their corresponding contact persons in administrations. Registration is required to receive messages.
For registration and change to your personal settings click here. For further details, including User instructions click here.
CEPT Coordination
General information on CEPT coordination can be found here.