Terms of Reference of Project Team

on Enforcement Issues (PT RA1)





Ms Kati Heikkinen




Tel:      +358969664776

Fax:     +358969664410

Mobile:  +3584055071770

E-mail:   katiheikkinen@ficora.fi

Date of first taking office of present Chairman:  1-1-2009


The Project Team on Enforcement Issues (PT RA1) shall:


a) Support ECC and its Working Groups as appropriate in determining or improving the enforceability of ECC deliverables.


b) Survey the market of radio equipment and telecommunications terminal equipment with a view to creating and using efficient methods for enforcement.


c) Highlight practical issues including problems encountered in enforcement work and identify possible enforcement solutions and inform other relevant entities on these issues.


d) Stimulate the exchange of enforcement information and co-operation between CEPT Administrations and/or national enforcement Authorities as appropriate.


e) Benchmark enforcement from the regulatory and procedural points of view to provide ECC and administrations with background information on the market and usage of radio equipment and telecommunications terminal equipment.


f)   Develop bilateral and/or multilateral co-operation in liaison with ADCO/R&TTE and ADCO/EMC.


g) Cooperate with FM PT 22, particularly in order to avoid duplication of work.


h) Report to WGRA, in general terms, on the activities above and on the encountered problems concerning enforcement issues related to ECC deliverables.