WI95revCO07 T-DAB Plan - VHF Annex II: List of the T-DAB existing assignments in the frequency band 174-230 MHz

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The provisions for and the Plan entries in the 174 -230 MHz band have been removed from WI95revCO07 Special Arrangement in order to avoid any potential conflict with the provisions of the GE06 Agreement. Furthermore, the Final Acts of the CEPT multilateral meeting that has adopted the WI95revCO07 includes a new Article 2 which reads:


'The T-DAB assignments in the frequency band 174-230 MHz recorded by 02 July 2007 in the Assignment List in accordance with Article 6 of the Wiesbaden, 1995 Special Arrangement, as revised in Maastricht 2002, as provided in Annex II, shall be protected, taking into account the relevant bilateral agreements reached at the RRC-06, until the date to be agreed by the administrations concerned but not later than 01 January 2012.'


Read more on the Transition process in relation to Wi95revCo07 in the Band 174-230 MHz


The final version of the Assignment List can be downloaded in MS Excel format (250 kB) as well as in MS Word and PDF format (750 kB). The technical details of the assignments from the above mentioned List and the associated allotments are avaialble in the ASCII97 format only. 


An extract from the Annex II is provided for easch country, as follows:












United Kingdom



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