These pages provide information on some of the software tools developed and/or made available via ERO that could be used in the context of RRC-06.


Software tool to update ST61 records based on the TVA files


Software tool to review the results of the planning exercises


Beta - software tool to generate RRC requirements based on Wi95revMa02 T-DAB Plan entries


Beta - software tool to generate administrative declarations


Softwaretool to review the outputs - version II


Beta - software tool to review the outputssoftware tool to convert "ITU input requirements", "administrative declarations" and "the output result of an ITU planning exercise" into Shape-Files. Administrations using the Software "ArcView" and those Shape-files will be able to visualize quickly their input requirements and results of an ITU planning exercise.



Last updated: 06 February 2006 M. Le Devendec, ERO