Terms of Reference SE42

Under the direction of WG SE develop ECC Report(s) and liaise directly with WG FM and WG RA as necessary, in order to:

  • Identify technical requirements (e.g. spectrum masks, channel plans, mitigation techniques) with a view to ensure the protection of radio services, and obligations emerging from relevant international agreements (e.g. on cross border coordination issues) for the bands identified in document RSCOM 06-09 (discussion on the implementation of WAPECS);

  • To continue the work of ECC PT8 on enhancing harmonisation and increasing flexibility in spectrum management, in particular the proposals for ‘flexible bands’ taking account of ECC Report 80. The studies have  to define technical conditions for flexible use of the potential candidate bands identified by WG FM through analysis of the protection requirements of radio services in adjacent bands, and of existing applications sharing the same bands;

  • Develop responses to relevant EC Mandates;

  • Contribute to relevant ITU-R groups as appropriate.

See also SE42 work items on WGSE Work Programme