Regional Radiocommunications Conference (RRC)

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The second session of the Conference was held in Geneva from 15 May to 16 June 2006. The main objective was to establish the new agreement and associated frequency plan(s) for terrestrial digital broadcasting in the frequency bands 174 to 230 MHz and 470 to 862 MHz.


The Agenda (Res. 1224) and news relating to RRC-06 were agreed by ITU Council in June 2004.


Inputs to the second session of the conference


The ITU-R Director has submitted a Report on intersessional activities and the Draft Plan which resulted from the second planning exercise for consideration at the second session of the Conference.


The Report of the RPG to RRC-06 is contained in the Conference document RRC06/5.


CEPT has developed a number of European Common Proposals (ECP). The ECPs are contained in the Conference document RRC06/7.


Other administrations have submitted their own proposals. All the Conference documents are available on the ITU-R documentation server.


Further information is available about CEPT co-ordination during RRC-06 and the activities of CNG1.


Output of the RRC-06


The Final Acts of RRC-06 contain the Regional Agreement GE06 which now governs the use of frequencies by the broadcasting service and other primary terrestrial services in the frequency bands 174-230 MHz and 470-862 MHz.

They also contain frequency assignment and frequency allotment plans for the digital broadcasting service (television and sound), the analogue television plan applicable in the transition period, the coordinated list of assignments to other terrestrial primary services in these bands, and the Resolutions adopted by RRC-06.


The GE06 Agreement will come into force on 17 June 2007 and is provisionally applicable as from 17 June 2006.


Additional information on RRC-06 can also be found on the web site of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).


On-line access to the updated GE06 Plan is provided via Broadcasting Query - BcQ service on the ITU-R web site.


A document  (Zip file 16 Mb) was developed in order to provide the technical background to the development of the Plan (you may contact the ECO: if you have any comment or if you want to receive a copy of the document on CD) - last version January 2008


ERO contact for RRC06 related enquiries: Marc Le Devendec (ERO)  e-mail "" or phone +45 33 89 63 22


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