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Meeting documents and minutes from meetings of the CEPT Plenary and other groups, including the CEPT implementation group – formerly available via the ERO FTP server – are now available directly on the CEPT website. The document server is updated by the Administration that holds the CEPT Presidency.
Meeting documents are also available from this website for the Electronic Communications Groups and its subordinate groups.

You need to enter a user name and password to obtain access to the respective meeting document areas.
Passwords are provided by the CEPT secretariat in the case of documents for CEPT Plenary meetings, and by the relevant chairpersons for other groups. The persons are also responsible for uploading of meeting documents.

After entering the user name and password, select the relevant group and year. For each meeting in a year, you will see the meeting place and sub-areas for Minutes and Documents as well as other relevant folders.

Please note that some of the 2003 documents may be found under the archive folder.

By choosing the appropriate folder, all documents available are displayed. Information is provided about date of issue – document number – title – relevant agenda item and who provided the document (chairperson, group, etc.). It is possible to sort each of the columns.
Select the documents you would like to download and click download selected. The documents will be provided in a zipped file for download.


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