WI95revCO07 Special Arrangement

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The Wiesbaden, 1995, Special Arrangement, as revised in ConstanÅ£a, 2007 (MA02revCO07) governs T-DAB in the frequency bands 47-68 MHz, 87.5 - 108 MHz and 230-240 MHz. It has been adopted by CEPT multilateral meeting on 04 July 2007 and has come into force the 01 September 2007.


The official part of the english text of the WI95revCO07 Special Arrangement is available in PDF format (1.7 MB) and in MS Word format (11.5  MB).


The Final Acts of the CEPT multilateral meeting are also available in French and German.


An overview on the frequency plan associated with the WI95revCO07 Special Arrangement and the related information is available here.


The updated plan contains entries in the frequency bands 47-68 MHz and 230-240 MHz.


There is one allotment in the band 87.5-108 MHz and it is included in Annex 5 of the WI95revCO07.


The existing T-DAB assignments in the frequency band 174-230 MHz are included in the new Annex II and will be protected in accordance with Article 2 of the WI95revCO07 Final Acts.


Information on the data formats and software used for to retrieve, inspect and manipulate the data files in the process of the plan management is provided here.



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ECO contact for WI95revCO07 related enquiries: Marc Le Devendec (ECO)  e-mail "ledevendec@ero.dk" or phone +45 33 89 63 22