ECC PT2 - Technical Regulation & Interconnection Standards
– deliverables

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Completed deliverables

Completed deliverables developed by WG NaN PT TRIS are listed below:

Recommendations in Force

ECC/REC 03-01
Implementation and use of CLI (calling line identification) within CEPT countries

Implementation and use of CLI (calling line identification) within CEPT countries

Use of special network access (Withdrawn)

Guidelines on responsibilities for ensuring maintenance of Network Integrity (NI) in an interconnected environment

Final Reports

ECC Report 144
Preparing for IPv6

ECC Report 143
Practical Improvements in Handling 112 Emergency Calls: Caller Location Information

ECC Report 107
Regulating Interoperability

ECC Report 106
NGN and IMS Call Setup

ECC Report 87
The Future of E.164 Numbering Plans and Allocation Arrangements

ECC Report 86
Consumer Abuses and Fraud Issues Relating to High Tariff Services

ECC Report 79
High Capacity DSL Systems

ECC Report 78
IPv6 - The Next Generation Internet Protocol

ECC Report 77
Implementation of ACR Supplementary Service

ECC Report 75
A Model for Interconnection in IP-based Networks

ECC Report 74
Access to Emergency Calls Based on Voice over IP

ECC Report 52
Short Message Service (SMS) in Fixed and Mobile Networks

ECC Report 51
Voice Quality over IP Based Networks

ECC Report 50
Technical Issues of Establishing Any-to-Any 2-way Real-Time Communications over the Internet

ECC Report 030
Technical briefing: Mobile access to the Internet

ECC Report 029
Service provider access in mobile networks

ECC Report 027
Network Generation Network developments & their implications for the new regulatory framework

ECTRA Report 0101
IP telephony


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