Workshop on New Fiber Based Broadband Networks
September 2009
Copenhagen, Denmark

Complete set of presentations.

Presentation 1 General overview of different network platforms, business models and regulatory issues     Knut Sinkerud, Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority, Norway
Presentation 2 Broadband regulation in Denmark Tomas Skov Lauridsen, National IT and Telecom Agency, Denmark
Presentation 3 Open networks - the best solution for future markets? Tom Solberg, NetNordic AS, Norway
Presentation 4 The role of an incumbent operator Allan Bartroff, TDC, Denmark
Presentation 5 Broadband wholesale - first steps in Latvia Laura Juhansone-Daugule, Public Utilities Commission, Latvia
Presentation 6 Broadband for all - an ambitious public program in Finland Risto Väinämö, Ficora, Finland
Presentation 7 Infrastructure sharing experience in Lithuania Natalija Gelvanovska, RRT, Lithuania