FM PT 47 on "Ultra Wideband Issues"


Terms of Reference for FM PT 47 (February 2009)


FM PT 47 is mandated to perform necessary studies and develop regulatory deliverables concerning UWB devices, particularly:


1.        Develop draft CEPT responses to the new EC Mandate on SRR ("SRR Mandate 2").

2.        Develop draft CEPT Report B in response to the fourth EC Mandate on UWB, presenting additional work achieved on UWB. The report should also further develop overall approach and define criteria concerning the handling of new industry requests for specific UWB regulations.

3.        Upon request by WGFM, assess if industry requests meet CEPT criteria justifying possible amendment of existing UWB regulations or development of new specific UWB regulations.

4.        If industry requests meet CEPT criteria, identify necessary compatibility studies to be performed within WGSE and liaise directly with WGSE Project Team SE24 as appropriate.

5.        Consult with relevant European organisations in particular ETSI.


FM47 is established for an initial period of about 18 months. WGFM at its meeting in September 2010 should review its organisation for the handling of UWB matters.




Mr. Emmanuel Faussurier


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