Committee for ITU Policy (Com-ITU)


Active E-mail reflectors within the Com-ITU


To subscribe to a particular e-mail reflector group click the 'Subscribe to the group' link and simply send the e-mail message that appears. Do not click the 'Mail to the group' link to try active your subscription.


To send a message to a group (the sender has to be a subscriber to the particular group), click the 'Mail to the group' link. In the e-mail message that appears, fill in the subject field and place the text of your message in the body of the e-mail. Attach any files in the usual manner.


Please note that subscription to any e-mail reflector needs to be authorised by the group moderator. Your subscription request will be automatically forwarded to the moderator for approval and you will be notified upon completion of the procedure.



Subscribe to the group

Mail to the group


World Telecommunication Development Conference

Subscribe to the group

Mail to the group






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