Terms of Reference
The Project Team on Radio Amateur Issues shall:
  1. be activated when Radio Amateur issues arise,
  2. be in direct contact with Administrations inside and outside the CEPT with regard to Radio Amateur issues, in particular the CEPT Recommendations T/R 61-01 and T/R 61-02, ECC/REC(05)06 and ERC Report 32 and other relevant CEPT Recommendations,
  3. follow up further developments of authorisation issues and propose work items to the WGRA,
  4. prepare Views, Reports and Recommendations on other Radio Amateur issues of importance to the Radio Amateur Society (re. issues in the Report from the IARU Meeting in Davos September 2005 to the ECC Meeting in Cascais) for the WGRA and other ECC entities,
  5. Liaise with the IARU in all relevant Radio Amateur matters,
  6. Work to the extent possible by correspondence and by use of electronic means