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Numbering, naming and addressing (NNA) schemes of telecommunication networks and services enable seamless communication between residential and business users world wide. Transparent and non-discriminatory access to numbering resources as well as their ease of use and efficient management are key issues for NNA coordination in competitive telecommunicatins market.

The CEPT's Electronic Communications Committee (ECC) and the ECO have been actively involved in assisting National Regulatory Authorities in achieving these objectives during the process of liberalising telecommunications markets in Europe, as well as in the new environment that is emerging from the convergence of the traditional telecommunications market and the Internet.

Harmonization of telecommunications numbering schemes is one of the objectives to assist citizens travelling accross the country borders to reach necessary services locally as well as to communicate back home and globally. A good example of harmonization is the single European emergency number 112. One harmonization document - that can be regarded already almost as a historical document - is CEPT's Long Term Standardisation of National Numbering Plans (Recommendation T/SF 1) originating from 1972.


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