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    At its meeting in Mainz (6-8 April 2011), SRD/MG considered inter-alia the following subjects and agreed:


    SRD/MG will propose to WGFM to revise ECC/DEC/(01)17 dealing with Ultra-Low-Power Medical Implants in 401-406 MHz to give these devices some protection;

    SRD/MG will also suggest deletion of the ITS and 5 GHz WLAN entries in ERC/REC 70-03 since the status of these applications is different from SRD;

    Following the successful workshop on UHF SRD, RFID, Smart Metering and Smart Grids on 4-5 April 2011 with more than 140 participants, SRD/MG defines now a roadmap for work on this subject

    including definition of the terms for related compatibility studies. WGFM will be requested to endorse the roadmap; 

    SRD/MG has created a questionnaire on the 169 MHz frequency band as a first step in response to a new EC mandate;

    The draft ECC Decision for Level Probing Radar (LPR) was finally discussed after public consultation and agreed to be submitted to WG FM for adoption and submission to the ECC for final approval for publication.

    SRD/MG agreed to ask WGSE for a new study between the EESS(passive) and SRD at 122 GHz;

    SRD/MG is going to revise Annex 5 of the ERC/REC 70-03 on RTTT (Road Transport and Traffic Telemetics);

    SRD/MG also agreed on two CEPT contributions to ITU-R WP 1B, for Report SM.2153 and the PDNR on SRD;

    SRD/MG reviewed the implementation situation of ECC/DEC/(06)08 on professional Ground & Wall Probing Radars. Detailed implementation information was collected via a questionnaire;

    New subjects under discussion in SRD/MG are Medical Body Area Network systems (MBANS) and Industrial Wireless Devices 

    Implementation of Short Range Devices spectrum regulations

    The CEPT Recommendation ERC/REC 70-03 provides valuable information concerning:
    Implementation status within the EU/EEA-EFTA countries (Appendix 1).
    Implementation status within the CEPT countries not being EU/EEA-EFTA (Appendix 1).
    National restrictions within the CEPT countries (Appendix 3).
    Implementation status as per Appendix 1, will mean the application of "Class 1" equipment provision according to the EU 1999/5/EC (R&TTE) Directive for placing onto the market, or equivalent effect through the relevant European Commission Decisions i.e. 2006/771/EC and 2008/432/EC for SRDs to which the EU/EEA-EFTA Member States are obliged to implement (EEA-EFTA refers to those Member States of EFTA who participate in the EEA Agreement).
    It should be noted that Appendixes 1 and 3 are representing the most recent available information which ECO regularly updates.

    Nearly harmonised frequency bands for Short Range Devices

    Appendix 1 of ERC/REC 70-03 mentioned above offers a rapid overview of the progress of the European harmonisation. It also gives implicit information on the frequency bands used by Short Range Devices, which are nearly harmonised.
    Nearly harmonised means that, only a limited number of countries have not been able to implement a particular band or have introduced limited implementation.
    These frequency bands are therefore ideal candidates for updating the European Commission Decisions 2008/432/EC and 2006/771/EC for SRDs, as new entries within the annual review process.

    European Commission regulation on SRDs

    European Commission has adopted a Decision on 9 November 2006 on "harmonisation of the radio spectrum for use by Short Range Devices (Decision 2006/771/EC)". The Decision has an annex which is updated annually in order to respond to the technological and market developments in the area of Short Range Devices."
    European Commission has adopted a Decision on 23 May 2008 amending Decision 2006/771/EC on SRD i.e. Decision 2008/432/EC (see also Explanatory document on the Commission Decision 2008/432/EC) 

    European Commission has adopted a Decision on 13 May 2009 amending Decision 2006/771/EC on SRD i.e. Decision 2009/381/EC(see also Explanatory document on the Commission Decision 2009/381/EC)


    Short Range Device Maintenance Group 

    All SRD MG meeting documents are available here


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    Ongoing work

    SRD/MG is dealing with the following issues at the moment:
    • Maintenance of the ERC/REC 70-03
    • Necessary revisions to the Annexes of ERC/REC 70-03 as appropriate
    • Annual update of the Technical Annex of the EC SRD Decision
    • Maintenance of the sub-classes of Class 1 equipment for SRDs in accordance with the R&TTE Directive
    • Regular update of ITU-R Recommendation SM. 1538-2 on SRDs
    • Coordination of the CEPT activities on ITU-R Resolution 54 on worldwide harmonization of SRDs
    • Implementation of the Plan for SRD strategy
    • Flexible use of 862-863 MHz band
    • Regular review of ERC/ECC Decisions and Recommendations
    • Additional spectrum for RFID and SRDs at UHF band
    • Additional frequency bands for radio microphones
    • Level probing radars (LPR) 

    Terms of Reference (ToR) for the SRD/MG are available


    ECO contact for SRD MG related enquiries: Thomas Weber (ECO)  e-mail "[email protected]" or phone +45 33 89 63 12

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