Conference Preparatory Group (CPG)

Terms of Reference:


The Working Group ‘Conference Preparatory Group’ (WG CPG)




1.         Provide a forum within the CEPT to prepare European positions  for ITU World Radiocommunication Conferences (WRCs) and Radiocommunication Assemblies (RAs);

2.         Develop, as required, co-ordinated positions in order to assist CEPT Administrations that are Members of the ITU Council  in presenting a European position in respect of discussions concerning Conference agendas and timing;

3.         Develop common positions in respect of ITU-R meetings, in particular the Conference Preparatory Meeting;

4.         Develop and agree European Common Proposals (ECPs) for the work of WRCs and RAs;

5.         Develop procedures to co-ordinate CEPT actions during the course of the WRCs and RAs;

6.         Prepare and approve briefs for the members of CEPT national delegations in order to present the European positions at WRCs and RAs;

7.         Consult with various bodies and organisations inside or outside the CEPT, or Administrations outside the CEPT, with the principal aim to collect information and to broaden the support of CEPT positions;

8.         Develop and maintain its work programme, approve the work programme of its subordinate bodies, and guide and co-ordinate the work of these bodies;

9.         Seek, where relevant, contributions and assistance from the Office and the relevant ECC subordinate bodies, and report on it to the Plenary;

10.     Report to the Plenary on the progress of its work.


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